Second Opinions for Children and Adults


Where to Begin

If you are currently working with a practitioner to treat you or your child, but are seeking a second opinion, take these steps for a second opinion with Dr. O'Hara or Dr. Szakacs:

  1. Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ),
  2. Fill out and sign the Initial Contact Form (Pediatric or Adult),
  3. Sign the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices Form,
  4. Sign the Consent Form,
  5. Sign the Practice Policies Form,
  6. Fill out the Questionnaire (Pediatric or Adult),
  7. Fill out and sign the Credit Card Authorization Form,
  8. Complete the List of Current Therapies/Interventions,
  9. Complete the List of Current Medications/Supplements.

Please send all of the above forms to us with a non-refundable $150 deposit (click here for our mailing address). Please do NOT fax these documents.

Once we receive these documents, our office manager will contact you to schedule your initial consultation.

The cost of the second opinion consultation is $1,000.   Payment is due upon completion of your consultation, less the $150 non-refundable deposit.

The Second Opinion Consultation

The second opinion consultation with your child and both parents will last approximately 2 hours. For a child, we require the child be present and strongly advise that both parents participate in the initial consultation.

The second opinion consultation includes a review of your or your child’s history and a physical examination.  At the conclusion of this consultation, you will be presented with a detailed list of recommendations to consider for your or your child’s treatment plan (to be discussed with your primary medical doctor).

This is a one time consultation and there will be no follow-up consultations by phone, office visit or email.  There will be no blood drawn or IV medication administered at the time of the second opinion consultation. 

And from there...

If, after the second opinion consultation, you decide that you would like to become an active patient of the practice, you will have to schedule an initial consultation at the first available time.  The initial consultation will be with Dr. O’Hara and/or Dr. Szakacs.   The cost for this consultation is $1,000.


General practice policies can be found in our Practice Policies document.
Center for Autism and Integrative Health does not participate with any health insurance. Therefore it is up to you to contact your insurance company before committing to our program so you can know what reimbursement, if any, can be expected.